Best Bluetooth speaker with Radio – which one to choose

Bliuetooth speaker with Radio

In this article, I am going to help you to find the best Bluetooth speaker with radio. Bluetooth speakers are very popular nowadays. The portable ones are the best option when you’re outside and you want to listen to music.

Bluetooth speakers are usually used together with mobile apps to stream music but there are also speakers that have FM radio included.

There are plenty of models with so many different features and characteristics. What we’re going to consider in this article will be the presence of the radio.

Let’s go to the point. Which are the best Bluetooth speakers with radio? After my researches, I came up with 2 choices that I consider the most valid.

1. Sbode Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker has good audio quality, with a nice noise and wind reduction technology. It’s pretty small and can fit very easily in a small backpack.

It supports BlueTooth 4.2. Battery consumption is quite good, reaching the 15 hours of music time (not bad at all!). It has a very practical energy-saving option that turns off the speaker after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Material-wise the speaker is very durable. It is also waterproof and of course, has FM Radio.

2. Antimi Bluetooth/FM Radio/MP3 Player Portable Wireless Speaker

Let’s start saying that this speaker is super compact. Smaller than the previous one. The battery consumption is a little bit higher. Here we have 12 hours of music time.

Audio-wise the speakers have the power of 3-watt and good bass reproduction. Material is metal and the rounded edges make it very easy to transport or carry with you. It features a Micros SD slot plus of course Radio FM.

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