Best tablets in 2020

How do we choose tablets?
Specifically, you find a list of devices that received a fair rating in our reviews and which in detail had successful results such as:

  • Display: bright screens, with good viewing angles and at an optimal resolution for the diagonal of the screen
  • Hardware: CPU, GPU, and RAM in sufficient quantities to deliver excellent performance
  • Autonomy: fairly capacious batteries or particularly efficient energy-saving systems
  • Connectivity: It’s important on tablets to understand which one uses 4G/5G connection and which ones work only in Wi-Fi
  • Camera: Although on tablets it’s a secondary factor we certainly take that into account
  • Software: Software can be of a disparate type but must maintain a good balance between simplicity, fluidity and number of functions
  • Operating system: in this list we consider both Android and iPad tablets with iOS

What do you need your tablet to do?

All tablets are mostly the same. Their tasks are quite web / app dependent. The difference comes in how well they perform and of course, the price.

Best tablet (< 100 euro)

Amazon Fire 7

Amazon Fire render - 1

In a very difficult world for tablets, the ecommerce giant’s Amazon Fire certainly stands out. It is a super cheap product and still offers a lot from the point of view of user experience. The only thing to keep in mind is that the store of this tablet is quite sparse compared to the Play Store, but still offers enough to make the most of this product.

Amazon Fire 7
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Bright
  • Decent performance

Best tablet (< 200 eur)

Huawei MediaPad T5

We already talked about the older “brother” of this model in this article

The Huawei MediaPad T5 is the cheapest version of the Huawei family, one of the most active in the Android world. It features a large 10-inch display with Full-HD resolution, two stereo speakers and even a version with LTE connectivity, although here we offer the least expensive, namely the only Wi-Fi.

Huawei MediaPad T5
  • a large 10-inch display with Full-HD resolution
  • Android

Best tablet (< 300 eur)

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

It’s been a long time between Mi Pad 3 and this new Mi Pad 4. There’s not a lot of new features, but the updated hardware should make you feel for this model anyway. The display is pleasant and the autonomy (especially on standby) is very good. If you want a compact and very simple product you have found it.

Best tablet (< 450 eur)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

It’s not Samsung’s top-of-the-line tablet, but it has a lot of merits. It is first and foremost extremely thin and very well built, while maintaining a decent autonomy and thus ensuring excellent portability. It also features good hardware and the great display has very few frames contributing to compactness. Plus it supports Samsung DeX to be used as a computer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  • good battery
  • well designed
  • Samsung DeX

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