Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Everything You Need to Know

Modern Warfare

The latest installment in the long-standing Call of Duty series has been, rather confusingly, titled Modern Warfare. Don’t be fooled. It’s not a sequel to one of the best CoD series ever made. Instead, it’s a reboot, complete with a brand new graphics engine and revamped game mechanics.

Let’s take a look at everything this new Modern Warfare brings to the table.

Boots on the Ground

Remember all of the jetpacks, wall rides and super abilities in the more recent modern era Call of Duty titles? All gone. For this new Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has chosen to go back to basics. You’ll have to rely on good old fashioned skills like spring, crouching, going prone and hopping over obstacles.

For some, this may feel like a bummer as cool abilities are just that; cool. A lot of CoD fans, however, have been craving a return to the tried-and-true point and shoot gameplay that the series has always been known for. If you’ve been clamouring for a simpler time as a Call of Duty player, Modern Warfare is definitely going to be your jam.

A Familiar Tale

The campaign can feel somewhat…backwards depending on your political proclivities. Your characters are CIA and SAS operatives who’ve been tossed into the wartorn, fictional country of Urzikstan. There, Modern Warfare’s story tasks you with assisting rebel forces there to prevent a biochemical weapons disaster planned by extremist Russia.

The issue with this story is that it’s clearly pandering towards a certain country’s political agenda. The writers chose a fictional country for the setting yet the antagonists originate from a real-world nation. Call of Duty has never shied away from these types of stories. It would have been refreshing if Modern Warfare took a different approach. But that’s not going to be for everyone.

The Wider Battlefield

The latest entry in the CoD franchise does a lot to maintain its relevancy amongst other equally popular games. Aside from the familiar multiplayer modes, Modern Warfare also introduces an all-new battle royale experience, called Warzone. The usual BR trappings are here, including parachuting towards the battlefield and finding gear lying around. The core difference lies in its support drops. You can purchase them through cash. To collect cash, in turn, you will need to kill opponents and completing missions.

Modern Warfare is a Call of Duty game through and through. It’s got a lot of familiar ground that will surely please fans. At the same time, new additions, including its increasingly popular battle royale mode, are enough to justify diving into another CoD experience.

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