Google Chromebook, why to choose it?


Google Chromebook has launched about two years ago. It represents a new concept in the notebook world. Google chrome book is different from traditional windows Or Mac notebooks. In fact it hosts a Brand new operating system, which is Chrome OS.

Another novelty of the Google Chrome Book is the storage. The main storage does not reside on the Physical disk but in the cloud and in particular on Google Drive. In fact when you buy a Google Chrome Book you have 100 GB of storage in Google drive. This space is free for the first two years.

Which one to buy?

Google is collaborating with all the different manufacturers. All of them are offering different Chromebook models. The common points for all of them are price and hardware capability.

The price of a Google Chromebook is usually lower than a traditional one. The whole concept of Google Chromebook is based on web technologies. This makes it the best solution for people that use the computer mostly for navigating the Internet or using social media. For those instead that are used to desktop software such as Microsoft Office, there is the possibility to install offline apps using the Chrome Store.

Transition to a Google ChromeBook

If you are worried about the transition from a Windows or Mac notebook to a Google Chrome book I can assure you that the features and functionalities that are more or less most commonly used are also implemented and available in the Google Chromebook.


As I said, one (maybe the main one) of the winning point in the decision of buying a Google chrome book, is for sure the price. The processors hosted in Chromebooks are usually not so powerful making the overall price going low.

The low-power processors help with the price reduction and also with the Battery consumption, another aspect that makes this kind of notebooks very suitable for people that travel a lot. 

Below you can find a search widget from Amazon where you can see what are the current offers on the market for the Google chrome books.

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