Headband Bluetooth earphones – innovative product!

headband earphones

Innovation is around us. This can’t be more true for this product! The headband Bluetooth earphones are an amazing tech gadget for people that don’t like to wear earphones.

The idea is not to be worried anymore about the earphones, whenever you’re doing sport. The Headband Bluetooth earphones come also with a built-in microphone, which allows you to answer your calls.

Listening to music is not the only function. This headband will also help you with your meditation and your sleeping issues.

Comfort first

The Headband Bluetooth earphones are very comfortable. The headband is granting a not excessive pressure on your ears. This will make it possible for you to have it also during your sleep. Then with the noise-canceling feature, you will also be protected by other noises that could make you wake up during the night.

Good battery and more

The Headband Bluetooth earphones support Bluetooth 5.0. This grant efficiency music time that can reach 10 hours. The charging time of the battery is between 2-2.5 hours. Finally, the headband can be also washed. You will just need to take the Bluetooth module out.


Honestly, I am super curious about this product. I always struggle to keep my earphones inside the ear when I am jogging. Even with the most expensive ones, you will always have problems with fitting them. This is a good advantage of the headband.

Of course, there are also cons. In my opinion this earphones are not so discrete. They can be super useful during your sport activity, but I would not wear it in any other cases.

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