How does Roku TV work?


Roku creates digital media players for streaming television, movies , music, and even a few games.

In recent years the way we look at the media has drastically changed. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are offering on-demand services that many prefer to subscribe to rather than watching traditional TVs.

Initially, these services only worked on computers, but devices like those provided by Roku can turn any TV into a media streaming machine.

What are the Roku devices?

They range from small dongles on the back of the TV to set-top boxes.

Some Smart TVs are equipped with built-in Roku software. Regardless of your device, they all provide instant access to the largest on-demand media service providers.

What can I watch with Roku?

All major online streaming providers are available. Netflix, Google Play Video, and various regional options, along with many free channels.

Various sports channels are also available, along with music providers such as Spotify, Google Music, and small online radio stations. You can even add local TV channels to your Roku device.

In particular, Amazon Prime Video can also be accessed from a Roku device. This may be surprising given that the Amazon Fire devices are Roku’s main competitors.

How does Roku work?

It works over an Internet connection. Similarly, you can stream YouTube or Netflix content to your computer or smartphone, streaming Roku to your TV.

The devices connect to your TV via HDMI. Once connected, select Roku as the source, just like you would with a DVD player or decoder. From there, you’ll be asked to enter your Wi-Fi details and create a Roku account.

How much does Roku cost?

After the initial cost of a device, it is free to watch until you only watch bundled channels. Paid services such as Netflix or Amazon Video require separate subscriptions for viewing.

Each user requires a free account. However, you will be prompted to provide a credit card or PayPal account to create one.

Is Roku legal?

Streaming movies and TV has become synonymous with piracy. Roku uses all free and paid legal channels to provide you with the media, so legality is not a problem here.

This doesn’t mean that users won’t run into some legal issues, however. In addition to regular channels, there are also private channels that users can subscribe to. While many of these are completely legal, others have been used to broadcast illegal content.

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