How to solve some of the common Roomba errors


Roomba robot cleaners are often stopping their daily jobs for some particular errors. It’s up to you to take action and understand what needs to be done.

Roomba represents a good option if you’re a single person and you spend much of your day outside your home. Even if you have a family or animals at home it can be life-saver.

I will list the most common Roomba errors you can possibly get from your robot. Although a Roomba saves you a lot of time and helps you in the everyday cleaning, it’s still up to you to get to know the most common issues.

Error 6

Move Roomba to another location. The most common error. This happens when the Roomba gets stucked somewhere. In this case you just need to take the guy to another location.

Error 9

This error happens when the bumper of the robot is full of dust. The robot will stop and will not move anymore. In this case, you just need to clean the bumper and then click the restart button

Error 10

This error is due to the side wheels of the robot. While Roomba cleans the house, it gets all the hair that it finds on the floor. Sometimes hair and dust can get stuck in the wheels. This can be easily fixed by cleaning the wheels.

Error 1-4

This is the one that can be easily fixed. It tells you that the bin, used to get all the dirt, is not present. If the bin is there, maybe you just need to take it out and then put it again.

Low Battery

This is actually not an error. The Roomba will inform you that the battery is low by playing a particular tone (you will get used to it 🙂 ). This happens sometimes when the “Home”, which is the charging station, cannot be reached. In this case, you just need to take your little friend and take it back to the charging station. In general, you can avoid this by always making sure that the robot does not have problems in getting to the charging station.

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