How to stream video from your Android phone to your TV?


Hi guys,

today I am going to explain you one way to stream video and audio from an Android phone to the tv. Because It’s very common that we just want to watch a video on a bigger screen that is not our mobile display.

If you have an Android phone, you can go to the Google Play Store and you find tons of apps that can help you with this. What I am going to guide you through today is the use of a particular app called BubbleUPnP for DLNA.

The app turns your phone into a media server so that can be seen by your smart TV through DLNA technology. It also includes some nice feature such as playback queue and editable playlists.

Here a very quick and simple guide on how to stream videos:

After we downloaded the app and opened it, we click on the top left corner and choose the library from where we want to stream (if it’s our phone, we will just choose “Local and Cloud .

After having chosen the source of the streaming. We will need to choose the destination. To do that just tap on the “More” tab

Then we will click on the chromecast icon (see picture) and then we select the tv. Please note that your TV and the phone need to be connected in the same Wi-Fi network.

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