InPods12? – review and how-to guide


Inpods12 are bluetooth earphones very easy to use, let’s see how.

The headset has a cheap price. It features a charging box that can charge the earphones in about 2 hours. The InPods12 have an autonomy of 6 hours of talk time. They come out in different colors (pink, green, blue and orange).

The sound is very good with a 2 channel stereo mode. The overall weight (InPods12 plus charging case) is quite low. We are talking, in fact, about 120 gr.

They are pretty handy for use during your sports sessions. According to the manufacturer, music time is about 4 hours. The audio quality is not bad. The bass reproduction is still not at the level of a JBL headset (you can find here the review of the JBL Tune 120 TWS).

How to use InPods12?

Likewise every BlueTooth headset you’ll need to pair them with your mobile phone using Bluetooth connection.

To pair the headset first remove them from the charging case. The left pod is the most important one. So during the pairing process, you’ll always need to look at the light of this pod.

The light will start to blink red and blue. Now it’s time to open your bluetooth settings in your phone and look for any new devices around you.

You will find “i12” in the list. Tap on the name and voila there you have the InPods 12 paired. At this moment the light will stop blinking and it will turn off.

The Inpods12 once paired can be used either for listening to the music or during calls.

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