Huawei MediaPad M5 10” – review

Huawei’s Mediapad tablet is sold in three variants. 8.4″ mini, 10.8″ normal and pro, always 10.8″ but with 64 gb of memory and above all pen support. The first and the latter are the most interesting. But Huawei gave me the middle model….that’s what I think.

Packaging and content

Not very rich but classic for tablets. You will find the fast charger (18Wh recharges the battery in about 2 and a half hours) and the data cable.


It’s all metal (obviously apart from the front glass). Well built, contained frames, good feeling. Maybe a little big

In my opinion misplaced. I’m underneath, on the short side. When you use it vertically and lean it you crush it. No problem in horizontal use. There’s a very well-functioning fingerprint sensor. The 4 speakers are incredibly powerful and well equalized. Sounds really loud!


2560 x 1600 pixels, 280 ppi. Great definition but blacks turn a little gray. Good angle of view and brightness. In short, a good display

Processor and memory

Kirin of the previous generation (and disempowered). The 960s is aided by 4 gb of memory and unfortunately in Italy by only 32gb of user memory. I have on trial the 64 that will not come from us. With this cut there is only the pro version.


Very good. Around 10 hours of mixed use.


There’s little to say. It’s a phone! There are no big differences from a P20 pro (just to give an example of Oreo-based EMUI). Os 8.1 and EMUI 8.1 for a zoomed-in experience of an Android smartphone.


There is the LTE module with calls enabled. From the 4 speakers it feels great, perfect for conference calls. It makes you a little laugh to use it as a phone but in emergency it can serve! And it takes well, too.

Photos and videos

It has 2 cameras: 8 mpx cam at the rear and a 5mpx on the front.

Apps and gaming

The apps run well, they don’t have any sntlts or problems whatsoever. Some are poorly optimized for such a large display but nothing particularly serious to report. I tried Netflix, which looks good even if it does not exceed the FHD, Youtube that instead comes to 1440p but at the time of testing the device is incompatible with SkyGo. It goes instead SkyQ. No problem with office files and then there is desktop mode. The same one that is activated by connecting the Mate10 pro or the P20 pro to the TV via HDMI cable. Here’s Type C, but HDMI doesn’t come out. But the desktop mode activates when you connect it to the keyboard.

Huawei MediaPad M5
  • 8 mpx cam at the rear and 5 at the front.
  • Very good battery. Around 10 hours of mixed use.
  • 2560 x 1600 pixels, 280 ppi.

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