Mi Band 4: how to turn it off? Is it possible?


Today we’re going to give you a good tip on the topic “how to turn off the Xiaomi Mi Band 4“.

First I’m going to give you a first overview of what are we talking about. Mi Band 4 is the newcomer in the Xiaomi family.

Xiaomi became very fast, one of the most desired brands in the wearables market. I personally fell in love with the Mi-Band 4 and I can’t get out of my apartment without wearing it.

It has plenty of interesting features that can help a lot in keeping track of your sports activity and not only. The most common of course is the steps tracker.

The battery autonomy of this smart bracelet can last up to more than a week. I find it super convenient not to have it to charge so often. But a question that always wondered in my mind was: what if I actually want to turn it off?

Guys don’t lose your time looking in some other pages, cause the answer is NO. 🙂

I hope I saved you some time. 😉

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