Best PC Gaming Monitors – What to consider

PC gaming monitors need to have a high refresh rate and a very good resolution. Last but not least they need to grant good comfort during a gaming session.

I searched over the Internet, on forums, specialized sites, and online magazines.

I can tell you that in these specialized websites, although the information is super detailed, it can get very hard for people that are not IT experts to really understand what are the advantages of one rather than the other gaming monitors.

So I decided at the end to come up with this comprehensive and easy-to-understand list of what to consider when choosing one. I will tell you the characteristics that, for me, you have to consider as best for gaming.

These features will probably lead you to spend a budget over 300 dollars. I know it’s not a low amount but I think if you want to be really satisfied when it comes to gaming, you may be ready to spend a little more.

G-SYNC compatibility

The first characteristic to consider is if the monitor is or not G-SYNC compatible. If the monitor is G-SYNC compatible, the result will be that the display will have very low screen tearing and shuttering (here more details about this NVIDIA technology). You will see that this feature in a monitor usually means a higher price. As I said before if you want to be satisfied during your gaming session, you probably need to spend more.


The optimal resolution is the Quad HD resolution, which means a grid of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The ratio is 16:9. Quad HD is an astonishing resolution. it has 4 times (here the reason for the “Quad” term) as many pixels as the HD one. I suggest going for this resolution.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is important in gaming. If you’re playing a game that requires you to be ready and react fast, the refresh rate of the screen is going to be a major factor to consider. As the name says, the refresh rate means the rate the picture gets refreshed.

Higher refresh rates are very recommended in gaming. So I would suggest choosing always to refresh rates not minor than 240Hz.

There are other things to consider of course. But for me the 3 main charateristics are these.

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