Seagate STGX1000400 Portable Hard Drive – review


STGX100040 is a portable hard drive from the American producer Seagate. A very reliable company that is on the market since 1979.

In my previous article, I explained what are the main aspects to take into account when buying an external hard drive.

Here I am going to highlight what I find relevant in this product that makes it a good choice in case you want to buy an external hard drive.

The first aspect is the price. On Amazon you can find it starting by 50 dollars. It’s of course the 1TB version.

As I said in the other article, the capacity of an external hard drive is important when we are considering using it to backup heavy files. If we work mainly with documents, I think 1 TB can be a convenient choice.

If not, there are other capacity options (up to 16TB).

The connectors are also good. Seagate offers USB 3.0 connectors on this hard drive. The speed is about 5.0 Gbps.

Seagate offers different flavors for the STGX1000400 in terms of the disk. The SSD version is super compact but more expensive.

Very interesting is also the “Camouflage-Design” line, which gives a nice aesthetic touch to your device.

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