USB External Hard drives: the ultimate guide


Although the future is going in the direction of the Cloud, it’s still a good idea to backup your personal data in an external USB hard drive.

What are the advantages of an USB external hard drive?

The possibility to have available your files offline is an enormous advantage. It can be fundamental to have your USB hard drive with you when you’re unable to connect to your Internet service. This aspect is something to consider when choosing, instead, storage cloud solutions.

On the market there are other offline storage options like the Flash pen drives. They are the perfect fit if you are striving for portability. On the other hand, they are not optimized, when it comes to transferring huge files.

External USB hard drives are fast. The transfer speed nowadays with the USB 3.2 connectors can reach up to 50 Gbps.

What to consider when buying an external hard drive?

An external hard drive is going to be used to store data. So the first thing to consider is storage. If we are planning to backup videos and other heavy files, we should consider buying external hard drives with at least a capacity of 2 TB.

The second factor is the price. Accordingly to our budget we can decide which type of disk we want in our device.

There are 2 types of disks on the market: HDD and SSD. HHD disk is the older and it’s still considered a very good standard. The SSD disk is the newcomer. It is faster than HHD but, of course, more expensive. So the decision to go for one, rather than the other is really up to you and your budget.

The third factor is speed.

how do we calculate it?

The answer is in the connectors. As said before the fastest USB 3.2 connector is reaching incredible data transfer speed. In general, I suggest going for any devices with connectors of the 3.x generation. Avoid USB 2.0 because it is an old standard.

I hope this handy guide made your ideas more clear. Below there is a nice search widget where you can have a look at products that are on the market right now.

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