Vivo height-adjustable desk – review


Vivo height-adjustable desk is not just a nice-to-have product but it’s also very helpful to our health.

There are in fact several studies that seem to show that sitting for long periods of time may be harmful to health.

A standing desk has the intention of reducing the time spent sitting at the desk.

VIVO’s desk height-adjustable desk riser provides the ability to get out of your chair and alleviate muscle tension, minimize stress, and improve efficiency on demand during the day.

Vivo height-adjustable desk has a top surface that is 36 inches long by 15 1/2 inches deep (at the narrowest part) and 22 inches (at the deepest part). The keyboard/mouse tray is wide enough for a mouse and keyboard with a keypad to fit comfortably.

The surface height can be changed from 6.5 “to 16” and the locks are adjustable at eight different intervals, allowing you to find the correct level of comfort. Double gas springs enable smooth and fast transitions, and the solid foundation offers great stability at all heights. The base bottom features non-slip pads that protect surfaces against scratches. 

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