What to know when we buy a Wi-Fi router?


To have a powerful home network, we always go for the fastest connection speeds but it’s super important to understand which wi-fi router to buy. We pay money and then we realize that we are not navigating so fast. There are different factors that can influence the speed of your internet connection. One of the reasons, if not the main one, can be our router.

When subscribing to an Internet service provider, most of the time we’re just going to use the router that the provider suggests to us or gives us for free sometimes.

But what if we want to choose our own router? Which aspects should we take into consideration?

Wi-Fi Standard

Let’s start saying that the latest wi-fi standard on the market is 802.11 ax. These standards adhere to the idea that Wi-Fi devices should work worldwide without issues.

The 802.11 ax standard is also called Wi-Fi 6 and it’s considered to be the future in routers. So the suggested thing to do is to buy a Wi-Fi router that is 802.11 ax built-in.

Memory and Processor

The era of streaming is started. Streaming of music and videos is very common nowadays. Thus our router is to be very powerful when it comes to processor power and memory. Our suggestion? Multi-core processors (dual-core minimum) and at least 128Mb RAM.

Single or Dual Band?

The router transmits its signals using a frequency. In the old routers this frequency was unique and it was 2.4 GHz (standard 802.11 g). With time people realized that this frequency was often overcrowded. So with the new standard it has been decided to transmit to a higher frequency of 5.1 GHz.

Some of the routers out on the market are able to transmit on both of the bands, and thus they’re called “dual-band”. Our suggestion? Buy dual-band devices.

Although there are many more aspects to take into consideration (security, space covered) that could overwhelm you with information, the tips above should be enough for you for a wise shopping.

We will come up soon with the other article with some shopping tips for routers. Keep following us!

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